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We offer simple solutions to complex challenges.

Design Services

Using the latest ACAD Design Software and Structural Analysis software, Houtman Scaffolding in-house design team produce detailed drawings with relevant calculations for specialist structures, all in accordance with the latest EU regulations and British Standards for both traditional and system scaffolds. Design risk assessments are carried out with every single design, no matter the scale of the undertaken assignment.

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Suspended Scaffolds

Working Above Water

Due to years of experience and contractor requirements, Houtman Scaffolding have grown within and along with this industry. We embrace the use innovative designs and have become a specialist in suspended structures above water, both tidal and fast flowing. We have provided unique suspended scaffolds that are designed to be submersible. Our in-house rescue boats and fully trained operators allow us to offer Safe, Bespoke scaffold packages in this area.

Working Above Rail & Roads

As a leading Scaffold Contractor we have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that we utilise when working on/or above the country’s railways, highways and major roadways. Through our highly trained design team and dedicated workforce we are able to exceed the demands required when working within the transport or railway industry.

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Environment Controlled Encapsulation

The Houtman Scaffolding organisation can provide a highly effective encapsulation service that can be quickly installed at any verified safe location within the parameters of any given contract, the encapsulation service can cover an impressive array of sizes and maybe not so straightforward boundaries . With ‘Tuffcoat’ tools and trained employees our teams can envelope a building or bridge structure and offer a temperature controlled encapsulated environment to work in. This type of controlled environment is a most efficient way of offering both a thermal and weather controlled work place within the scaffold. It has proven popular in the area of ‘blasting’ and ‘spraypainting’ to ensure the safety of both tradesmen and public alike.

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Temporary Roofing Systems

In this area and due to demand, Houtman Scaffolding have proven that we are able to offer an extensive range of high quality, safe temporary roofs to protect your site from the elements. It is through our innovative design team and resources that we are able to supply both sheeted or cladded temporary roofing systems required to meet the needs of our customers.

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Bridge Scaffolds

Houtman Scaffolding are able to offer an extensive range of designed bridge and walkway solutions to meet the demand of both commercial and public use. These bridge scaffolds are commonly used within the rail and highways sector to provide a safe temporary access over all manner of obstructions whilst carrying out necessary repairs.

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Facade Retentions

Façade retention systems are becoming increasingly common and in many cases necessary to allow construction works to progress. Previously Houtman Scaffolding have excelled in custom construction of Raking, Flying and dead shores. Having accumulated a vast experience in this field and along with our in-house design team Houtman Scaffolding have been required, and are able to liase with Chartered Structural engineers and our Independent Scaffold designers to achieve complex proven retention systems that will exceed our customers/contractor expectations.

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Access Scaffolding

By far Access Scaffolds would be the most commonly used, but not necessarily the most straight forward scaffolds. The majority of scaffolds are to allow contractors, trades etc carry out some form of construction/maintenance on buildings, bridges and any man made structures. The Access scaffold is a temporary structure used to support work men and materials so they may carry out their contractual commitments.

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